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Who Made My Friend Upset?

Your friend was attacked by a street dog

The cow saw the dog sitting sad. She wanted to know what the reason that made her friend sad. But the dog was not telling her anything, still weeping. So the cow decided to ask the frog who was jumping around.

“Hey, Mr. Frog, can you please tell me why my friend is upset?” asked the cow.

“I saw a street dog attacking your friend. Your friend was hurt in the fight,” said the frog.

“No problem, my dear friend. I will teach that silly dog a lesson,” the cow said to the dog. She went straight to the street dog. The street dog was sleeping. The cow asked the street dog why he attacked his friend.

“That’s none of your business. It’s between us dogs, said the arrogant street dog. The angry cow kicked the street dog out of that place.

The street dog cried in pain, and disappeared. The cow returned to her friend. The dog was happy to learn that the street dog would never come back again to disturb his peace of mind.

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