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It's A Story Of Great Migration

At last, I reached my destination

Flying From A Distant Place

The blue bird landed on the shoulder of the horse. The bird was flying thousands of miles away from another country, away from another continent.

“Hey, why are you here? I think you are a foreigner here,” said the horse.

“Yes, you are right. I am flying from a place far away. It’s winter time there. Everywhere covered by snow. We birds fly to migrate to a new land to escape the harsh winter,” said the bird.

“You are most welcome, dear. You can take rest on my shoulder as much as you need. Let’s be friends,” said the horse.

The bird and the horse became friends. The bird shared his story. The horse excitedly listened to the bird.

“I can’t believe you flew from a place that’s thousands of miles away,” said the horse.

“It’s how God created us. We have a sense of direction built into our brain that tells us how to fly, and where to fly. Sometimes, winds help us to stay afloat in the sky without flapping our wings. That’s how God cares for us,” said the bird.

“Yes, God is great,” said the horse.

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