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Hey, Please Leave My Home To Me

Can I Get My Home Back?

When the squirrel came back after a long trip abroad, to his surprise, the squirrel saw its home was occupied by a bird. But the squirrel doesn’t want a confrontation.

“I think you were not aware that this home belonged to me. Can you please leave my home?” asked the squirrel politely.

“I am sorry, dear friend. But we are facing a big problem. All the trees in this forest are being axed. So there are not enough trees left. Also, I am not alone. My little babies are with me,” said the bird.

“No problem, dear friend. You can stay with me if you want. Let’s share the small space I have,” said the squirrel.

“You are so kind. I and my kids will be grateful for your kindness,” said the bird.

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