When You Grow Up, Don't Do This To Me

baby elephant rubbing a tree cartoon

Ah, what a relief

“Hey, why are you rubbing your body against me baby, it’s little bit hurting me,” the tree requested the baby elephant to stop rubbing against his trunk. “It’s pleasurable when I rub my body against your surface. I have an itching sensation throughout my body, and when I rub against you, it’s a lot of relief,” said the baby elephant.

“Oh, if that gives you relief, continue what you are doing, but you have to promise me that when you grow up you have to stop this, because when you become big and do this again to me, I may fall down,” the tree said.

“You don’t worry, my dear tree, when I grow up, I will not come to you to rub against. I will go and look for a strong and taller tree,” promised the baby elephant.

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