An Elephant In My Belly

Elephant and the blue whale

I just swallowed an elephant. Don't worry, he is happy there.

I am a blue whale, with a huge body, larger than any creature you have seen in the land. You can’t compare me with anything you have seen on earth. Even the big elephant, is just the size of my tongue. Under the vast ocean, I am the king, nobody wants to come near to me to avoid ending up as my food. I swallow small and big fishes, thousands at a time.

In ancient times, it was my hobby to overturn ships that were sailing through my territory. If somebody invaded my territory, I dealt with it harshly.  Navigators at that time feared me a lot and avoided my territory. But now I see very big ships floating free on the sea. It seems they don’t care about us anymore. They are mightier than me. So I will let them pass through my territory, but I never attempted even to go near to them, better stay away from them, or they will eat me! What do you think?



Friends Are Like That!

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