An Elephant In My Belly


Elephant and the blue whale
I just swallowed an elephant. Don't worry, he is happy there.
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I am a blue whale, with a huge body, larger than any creature you have seen in the land. Even the big elephant you know is just the size of my tongue. I am the king under the sea, nobody wants to come near to me to avoid ending up as my food. I swallow small and big fishes, thousands at a time.

In ancient times, it was my hobby to overturn ships that were sailing through my territory. If somebody invaded my territory, I dealt with it harshly.  Navigators at that time feared me a lot and avoided my territory. But now I see very big ships floating free on the sea. It seems they don’t care about us anymore. They are mightier than me. So I will let them pass through my territory, but I never attempted even to go near to them, better stay away from them, or they will eat me! What do you think?

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