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Bluebird And The Reward He Received

bluebird fishing
Here I Go!

The bluebird who was flying over the pond spotted something under the water. Ah, you guessed it right, he spotted a fish, now it’s a matter of seconds for him to catch the fish. There he goes, straight into the water and grab the fish in its beak and flying up. He is a sharp shooter, never miss his hunt always a winner among his friends. His strong beak help him to hunt like a pro.

The bluebird flew to his tree home with the pricey catch on its beak. “Hey friends, why don’t you come over to my place for a great lunch today,” he invited his close friends. His friends readily accepted his friend request and reached his home. Together, they had a great time eating the fish, laughing, and telling stories. Everybody got surprised how the bluebird was able to catch such a big fish. “It’s a matter of patience and shrewdness. If you guys have these two things, I tell you, you also can get such big rewards,” the bluebird replied. They admired him for his fishing ability. After lunch, each one shared their fishing adventure.

They had a great time together. In the evening everybody left, except for a beautiful female bluebird. She told him that she wants to stay whit him and marry him. Bluebird was so happy he got a partner after a long period of wait.

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