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When The Lion Sings

La,La,La, My Love, Where Are You?

It was a fine evening in the forest. A cultural festival was in progress, where all animals were performing their best for the attractive prize, which was waiting for the winner.

“Hey, all of you, please assemble here. Our king is singing.,” It was the monkey who was gathering all animals who have came to the cultural festival to listen to the lion’s song.

The king was sitting on his throne and singing a love song. The singer lion was so absorbed in his singing that he didn’t notice anything happening around him. The animals were seeing for the first time their king singing.

After the lion finished singing, all animals clapped. But it was not because they enjoyed the lion’s singing, but because the lion stopped singing. Out of fear for the lion, all animals pretend to enjoy the lion’s singing.  They don’t want to get into any trouble. The singer lion’s song sounded like a trumpet, which went crazy. Such a horrible sound the lion had.

The lion thought animals clapped because of his beautiful song. So he continued singing, and the animals were forced to listen his song.

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