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Two Squirrels Fight Over A Nutmeg

“No, it’s me who saw it first give it to me. Don’t you have any manners? Ah, it’s me who saw it first that is why I grabbed it first and you are teaching me manners.” Two squirrels were arguing.

One day a hungry squirrel was jumping from one tree to another to find something to eat. Have you ever wondered how these little animals make it from one tree to another without falling? Because of it’s long tail. It’s long tail helps the squirrel not to lose balance when it jumps from one tree to another. It was a hot summer afternoon he had nothing to eat. He was happy when he saw a nutmeg lying on the ground. He jumped upon it. Before he could grab the nutmeg something unexpected happened.  Another smart squirrel jumped upon it and grabbed the nutmeg.

Both the squirrels got into a stiff argument over the nutmeg.  The first squirrel argued that it belongs to him because he saw the nutmeg first. The second one argued that he should have the nutmeg because he grabbed it first. The argument was so severe that soon there was a big fight between them. After the big fight when they looked for the nutmeg sorry, it was not there. Another smart squirrel who came to the fight scene took the nutmeg away and disappeared into the forest without any trace.

Hey kids, don’t fight for anything instead learn to share it. You will have plenty.

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