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Train And The Elephant Story

Will stop doing that?

One day the elephant blocked smoky, the train.

“Chug, Chug, Chug, why are you stopping me? I am in a hurry, already late for my destination. I have with me a lot of impatient passengers in my wagons.

“Hey, Mr. Smoky, why are you spitting that thick dark smoke into the air? It’s so annoying,” said the elephant.

“Chug, Chug, Chug, Mr. Elephant, I am sorry hear that. But I can’t help it. This smoke makes me run, it comes from my belly, firing the coal to get steam. Being a steam engine, I require a lot of steam to power my pistons. I have a lot of water in my belly. My pistons get the power from the steam produced by the boiling water, thus the smoke,” said the train.

“Um, I see. I thought you spit the smoke for fun. Now I see that you have valid reason to do wo. You can go now. Thanks for letting me know the fact,” said the elephant. The elephant moved back from the rail track to let the train go.

“Thank you, my dear elephant. We’ll meet again, Chug, Chug, Chug,” said the train as it sped away to its destination.

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