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Tiger And The Monkey

Why are you so sad today?

Tiger was annoyed by an elephant who encroached on its territory. The elephant also did some bad things. It uprooted many trees. What provoked the tiger most was uprooting a tree on which the tiger used to hide, waiting for his hunt.

A monkey came that way. It asked the tiger why the tiger was so down. The tiger took the monkey around and showed him the problems the rogue elephant had done.

“How can I stop that nasty elephant from doing this kind of bad thing again? I am going to fight with the elephant,” said the tiger.

“Don’t do anything foolish. Nobody can fight a rogue elephant because it is so powerful, doesn’t care about anything or anybody.  I have seen him doing such mischievous things. But nobody ever dares enough to confront the elephant.  It can easily throw you with its strong trunk.

Let’s talk to him. Next time the elephant is here, we will let him know that he should not do this,” said the monkey.

After a few days, the elephant was in the tiger territory again.

“Hey, you should not do this. Please don’t uproot the trees,” said the tiger.

“I am here to play. This is my playground,” said the elephant.

“Ok, you are treating it as your playground, but for the rest of us, you are destroying our livelihood. Look, how much damage you did to these trees. It takes years for another tree to grow. If there are trees, you can eat their fruits. If there are no trees, we’ll starve to death,” said the tiger.

“Um, that’s a good point you are making. I never thought of it. Thanks for that lesson. I will not do this again,” said the rogue elephant, and he immediately left the place.

The tiger thanked the monkey for the great advice that worked out well.

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