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The Seagull Sailor

seagull on a ship
It's my ship

A Seagull was roaming around the sky looking for any new ships to the port. Hey, it seems the bird spotted one. Let’s see what happens next.

The Seagull slowly landed on the ship deck. Oh, he’s lucky. The ship was from a faraway land carrying food grain, and other valuable spices.

The bird assumes the role of a second captain of the ship for the rest of the ship’s journey. It makes sure that everything goes smoothly until the ship safely anchored in the port.

The bird will be rewarded richly for the service he offers. The bird will be rewarded with a lot of things to eat. Every ship to the port gets such unsolicited service from Seagulls. The first one who lands on the ship gets full authority over the rest of the birds.

Landing on a fully loaded ship is the happiest moment in a seagull’s life. The first bird who lands gets full authority on the ship over the rest of other seagulls.