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Throw Me The Ball

This is interesting, the rolling stuff

The monkey baby was roaming around. The monkey saw some people playing football. One guy made a powerful kick on the ball that sent the football to the sky and disappeared.

It fell just before the baby monkey, who was watching the game. The monkey baby took it to his home. Playing with the ball, the monkey reached a lion’s place. The monkey didn’t know that there was a lion in that place.

Suddenly, the monkey heard a lion’s roar. The lion was sitting just in front of the baby monkey. The lion stared at the football and then at the monkey. The baby monkey was frightened. But the lion was curious about the rolling stuff.

“Don’t worry, baby. I won’t hurt you. Tell me what this stuff you are playing?” asked the lion.

“It’s a football. I have seen people playing with football by kicking at it,” said the monkey.

“Then you kick the ball, I will kick too, and we’ll play the game of football,” said the lion.

The monkey kicked the ball, and the ball went rolling toward the lion. The lion kicked the ball, and the ball reached the monkey.

The lion and the monkey kicked the ball to and fro. They were excited, playing around the whole day with the football. The lion and the monkey became friends.

Now every day, the baby monkey goes to the lion to play football. Other animals also come there to watch the duo playing football.

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