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Cry For The Rain

No, rain, no pond.

“Hey, Mr. Frog, why are you crying loudly? What’s the matter? Is there something I can help you with?” asked the elephant.

“I am requesting the clouds to rain. Look at this pond. It’s so dry. If it doesn’t rain, all the living folks in this pond will die. So as a responsible frog, I must cry for the rain.” said the frog.

“Um, you are a good frog. I think I will not drink from this pond until the next rain,” said the elephant and turned back.

A few steps elephant made, he heard the sound of a thunderstorm. Soon, it began to rain. The elephant came back to the pond. The frog was still crying. The pond was overflowing with water.

“Your cry did help. The ponds are filled. Now I can drink water from this pond,” said the elephant.

The elephant drank water from the pond. All the living folks in the pond started to dance. They thanked the frog for the rain. The frog was happy that it could help others to survive in the pond. Elephant and the frog also began to dance in the rain.

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