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Helping A Turtle Mother

My job is over and is going back to the sea

The boy and the dog, playing football on the seashore, saw a turtle. They stopped playing football and ran toward the turtle that was struggling to make it to the sea.

“Can we be of any help to you?” asked the boy to the turtle.

“Thanks for asking, my dear son. But I will make it myself to the sea. I am a mother turtle who was here to lay my eggs. I have laid my eggs and am going back to the sea where I came from.

“Wow, you came all the way to the land to lay your eggs?” wondered the boy.

“Yes, dear. From time immemorial, during each egg-laying season, we turtles come to the shore for our egg laying.  After a few months, our eggs are hatched, and our cute babies come out. One day, our babies will come to meet us in the sea,” said the mother turtle.

“Um, that’s very interesting to learn,” said the boy.

The boy and the dog accompanied the turtle, who was slowly making it to the sea.  Soon, a big sea wave took the mother turtle on its lap on its journey back home.

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