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Wolf And The Squirrel

Oops, the wolf is going to finish me

On a sunny day, a squirrel came down from the tree. The squirrel was a hard worker, always on the move. He can be seen jumping from One tree to another. That day also the squirrel was busy, collecting nuts from the ground.

“What a great day,” the squirrel said to himself.

But the squirrel didn’t know that he was being watched by a cruel wolf. The wolf was from the forest, visiting the countryside.

Suddenly the wolf appeared before the squirrel. That was totally unexpected for the squirrel.

“I’m sure I’m done. What a bad day for me!” the squirrel said to himself.

But something unexpected happened. The wolf didn’t try to attack the squirrel. Instead, the wolf turned back and ran. The squirrel couldn’t understand what happened to the wolf and why he left him unhurt. When the squirrel looked back, he saw an elephant standing behind him.

Now the squirrel understood what made the wolf flee. The squirrel thanked the elephant for rescuing him. But the elephant didn’t even notice the squirrel. The elephant was totally unaware of what happened under its nose. The elephant was busy eating fruits from the tree.

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