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The Greedy Rabbit Who Lost Its Life On A Carrot

Um, another greedy one!

One day, a rabbit saw a carrot on its way home.

“I am lucky today. I must act fast, eating the carrot before somebody else sees it. If I wait, I may have to share it with my friends,” the rabbit said to himself. The rabbit started eating the carrot fast.

A wolf was watching all this from a distance. The wolf was happy to see the rabbit biting on its bait, the carrot. The wolf has become by putting carrots as bait for the rabbits. The greedy rabbits fall prey to the wolf’s trap.

The rabbit, who was busy grinding the carrot, didn’t know that it was being watched by the predator. The wolf approached it silently. The rabbit couldn’t believe his eyes seeing a wolf was just near to him. 

“Oh, this was a trap. I lost my life on this carrot,” the rabbit said to himself. He regretted eating the carrot without sharing it with others. Now he has to face the wolf.

The wolf had a great lunch on the rabbit. After the wolf finished its lunch, the wolf put another carrot in the same place and waited for the next greedy rabbit to put a bite on his bait.

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