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There Is No Rest For The Rats

Living in Fear!

Hello, my friends and brothers, all rats around the world. I am here to deliver the keynote speech on behalf of rats around the world.

A rat’s mission is to get ahead of other rats to get the best. A true rat never affords to miss a sumptuous treat on fresh garbage.  No, it’s not about pet rats I am talking about, but the rats like me, living in canals, garbage, and other harsh conditions fighting for our survival.

Remember, our best weapon is our pair of strong teeth. God endowed us with these strong teeth for our survival. It is a Swiss army knife. We all should learn how to use our teeth more efficiently.  They are a multipurpose weapon, serving as a grinder, digging holes, and there are many more uses. There will be a separate seminar on that. Hope you all will enjoy that session on “Let the teeth grind!”.

For garbage, a rat is ready to sacrifice its life. So many rats sacrificed their lives in their race for garbage. We have enemies on every front. Farmers hate rats because they believe that we eat all their crops.  Apart from the fear of man, predators like snakes are largely present near us to swallow our lives. There is no rest for the rats. Hope you all will enjoy these three day summits.

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He is a fat rat.

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