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Oh no, where the sun has gone?

No, It Is Not The End Of The World

The baby deer was in the meadows playing alone, jumping around. It was a wonderful summer afternoon. The deer watched beautiful butterflies kissing the flowers. Happiness was everywhere.  Suddenly, everything changed. The sun disappeared, the butterflies disappeared, and the darkness engulfed the meadows. The baby deer couldn’t understand what was going on. It feared that the world was going to end soon.

“The world is going to end,” the baby deer screamed and started running.

“Hey, baby, why are you running? You look horrified. What happened?” it was a frog who saw the baby deer running frantically.

“Look at the sky! The sun has disappeared, everywhere it is so dark suddenly. I think the world is going to end,” said the deer.

“Oh, you too!” the frog laughed at the baby deer.

“Don’t worry, baby. The world is not going to end. What made everything dark was the clouds in the sky. Look at the sky. The big clouds painted the sky dark. Soon, it will rain.

After the rain, the sun will come back. Now, go and find yourself a shelter from the train. You can stand under that tree until the rain is over and enjoy the rain,” said the frog, and the frog started crying, inviting the rain to the earth.

There was a thunderstorm followed by rain. It was a heavy downpour, a welcome retreat in the scorching summer. The deer enjoyed its first rain. After the rain, the clouds disappeared, and the sun came back. The deer saw the sun and smiled at the sun.