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The Smart Rabbit And The Tiger

Let's Go!

One day, a tiger caught a rabbit. The tiger was preparing to eat the rabbit.

“You see, Mr.Rabbit, I am a good tiger. I am not going to finish you until I fulfill your last wish. Tell me, what is your last wish, asked the tiger.

“I am happy to die in the hands of a brave tiger like you. But you need to prove you are a brave tiger,” the rabbit said.

“Of course. I can do any challenging task you give me to prove myself!” said the tiger.

“Ok, let’s go. I have an enemy hiding in the bush. Just finish him, and I will declare you are the bravest animal in this forest,” said the rabbit.

So, the tiger and the rabbit went to the rabbit’s enemy. The tiger thought it would be just another rabbit.

“Here, he is hiding inside this bush. Now, it’s your turn to prove that you are the bravest tiger in the world,” said the rabbit.

The tiger pounced into the bush. The bear sleeping inside the bush didn’t understand what happened. When it saw the tiger, both the animals started to fight. It was a fierce fight.

The rabbit took that opportunity to escape and safely went home. He didn’t want to see how the fight would end because it was none of his business!

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