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The Newcomer

It's good to see you all here!

The cow was first greeted by the rabbit.

“Glad to meet you. I am a rabbit. You’ll often see me binkying around. I saw you yesterday on your way to this place on a truck. I will introduce you to other animals here,” said the rabbit.

“So nice of you. I want to make friends, and you are here to help me. Thank you so much,” said the cow.

The cow was anxious about her new home.  She had no idea what the new place would be like. The news spread like wildfire that a newcomer cow landed in the cattle shed. All animals came to see the newcomer.

The rabbit introduced the cow to all animals one by one. There were squirrels, roosters, hens, cats, and finally, a dog who came to meet the newcomer. Everybody talked to her and asked where she was coming from.  The cow had a great conversation with them all.

Birds from the tree greeted her with a chorus song. The cow was overwhelmed with joy to receive such a grand welcome treat.

“You are awesome. I am sure that I will enjoy my life here. Thank you all for making me feel at home,” said the cow.

Story Discussion

Missy: Friends are like that. They come forward to help!

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