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Monkey, The Rescuer

Mr. Fox, you better go home!

The monkey was jumping from one tree to another. It was the monkey’s favorite adventure sport, which the monkey loved to do.  All monkeys do this not just for fun but to travel from one end of the forest to the other end. The monkey lived in a particularly big tree, taller than any other tree in the forest.

On that day, the monkey was going to its friend’s place, who had invited him for a banana lunch. The monkey was in a hurry. Already he was late for lunch. On its way, the monkey saw a fox in a suspicious situation. On a closer look, the monkey saw that the fox was trying to catch a little rabbit.

What did the monkey do? The monkey didn’t waste time, swiftly came down, and snatched the little rabbit baby to the top of the tree. The monkey rescued the little rabbit baby. The fox was angry at the monkey for grabbing his food away. But the little rabbit baby and the monkey were beyond his reach at the top of a tree.

The baby’s mother was not there. So the monkey waited for the rabbit’s mother to return. When the rabbit’s mother was back, the monkey gave her the little baby he rescued from the fox. When the rabbit’s mother learned all that had happened to the baby, she was shocked and cried. He thanked the monkey for rescuing her kid from the fox.

Story Discussion

Joe: The monkey is so good rescuing a little baby rabbit even when he was in a hurry!

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