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The Monkey Coach

Be Confident. You can win the race!

Gilly, the lion, was looking sad.“Hey, what happened to you? Why are you so sad?” asked the monkey.

“I am sad because every time I participate in a race with my friends I finish last. This time also, I am sure I can’t win the race!” Gilly said.

“Don’t worry, Gilly. I am here to help you. I am a professional coach helping monkey athletes to race,” said the monkey.

The monkey taught the lion some techniques that made running easy. The lion practiced with the monkey couch and improved a lot.

Finally, the race day arrived. Gilly got ready for the race. His friends asked Gilly why he was participating in the race? But the lion appeared cool. Gilly was sure, that with the training he received from the monkey coach, he would win the race.

With the gunshot, the race started. At first, the lion was behind everybody. But soon, the lion was at the front group. Other lions were shocked seeing the lion in the front.

The lion saw the finish line at a distance. Gilly gathered all his power and ran. There he is, touching the finishing line before anybody else. The lion was declared the winner of the race.

Gilly went to meet his coach. The monkey was on the top of the tree and came down to meet Gilly.

“Hey, dude. I saw you finish first in the race. Happy now?” asked the monkey.

“I am so excited. Thank you very much for your help. Without your help, I could never achieve it,” said the lion. The monkey coach smiled at the lion.

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