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The Lion's Flying Experience

Give me a throw!

I Love Flying Like This!

This lion was quite annoying. “Please stay away from me,” the elephant warned the lion. But the lion was playful, running around the elephant. The elephant was so patient, but finally, the elephant lost its temper, took the lion with its trunk, and threw it.

The lion flew in the air before landing safely on a haystack. So, it was a wonderful experience for the lion flying in the air without wings. The lion returned to the elephant to annoy the elephant. This time the lion deliberately did everything to make the elephant angry. The lion simply enjoyed the flying experience and wanted to fly again!

“Hey, why are you again at me. Didn’t that hurt you?” the elephant was confused. The elephant again threw the lion with its trunk. The lion flew in the air and landed in the haystack.

Next time, when the lion returned from the haystack, the elephant saw the strew over his body. Now the elephant knew why the lion is kept coming back again and again. This time the elephant threw the lion in another direction. The lion saw what was in store for him from the sky. “Oops, this time, it’s going to hurt me!” thought the lion. The lion landed on a red hot rock that made the lion cry loudly. After that, the lion didn’t return to the elephant.

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