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The Fearless Guy

What, he is not running?

One day, the lion saw a deer. Since the lion was not hungry, he had no intention to make a kill. The lion just wanted to frighten the deer and test his power of roar.

So he came so close to the deer and roared. The lion wanted to see the frightened deer running away. But the deer didn’t move an inch. It stood still. The lion was in shock. It didn’t expect that.

Usually, when a lion roars even from miles away, animals run here and there. That’s the time the lion and its friends hunt.

But, here is a fearless deer with a don’t care attitude.

“I think this deer is a monster in disguise. I will have to leave this place immediately,” the lion thought. The lion ran away. But the deer was still there. It was a statue of a deer.

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