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Donkey And The Cat

On adventurous journey

One day, the cat decided to leave the home he was living in. So the cat asked the donkey’s help in finding a place adventurous.

“Can you please transport me out of this place,” the cat asked.

“Why are you leaving this place? What is the problem you have here?” asked the donkey.

“I have facing no problem here. That’s my problem. It’s so boring here. I have nothing to do other than eat, sleep, and again eat. No adventure in my life. I want to see the world. Please carry me out of this boring place.  I will hide in one of those bags. You just carry me. I beg you,” said the cat.

“As you wish. Get ready for a long journey. I won’t be fast like a horse,” said the donkey. The cat hid in the bag, and the donkey started walking with the the cat bag. After a day, the donkey reached a place far away.

“Here you are! I have brought you a beautiful place. Now you can go your way. I am going back,” said the donkey.

The cat came out of the bag and saw the place he was. It was a nice place.

“Thank you my dear friend. You helped me a lot,” the cat said goodbye to the donkey. As the donkey started its journey back, he heard a plea for help from behind.

The donkey stopped and looked back. He saw the cat running towards him. The cat was being chased by some stray dogs. The cat jumped upon the donkey and asked him to run fast. The donkey ran as fast as he could and saved the cat from the chasing dogs.

Back home, the cat and the donkey heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thanks, bro, you saved my life. I’ll never leave this place. I am so happy here,” said the cat.

“Heeeya, Heeeya,” the donkey laughed and said that it was a good decision.

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