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Please Join Me For A Game Of Football

Heading the ball

The lion king was walking around his territory to see if everything was ok under his rule. He saw a little elephant running here and there. Curious about what the little elephant was doing, the lion asked the elephant what he was doing.

“I am playing football. Would you like to play with me?”

The little elephant invited the lion king to play with him. The Elephant was practicing for the next jungle football tournament.

“Hey, thanks for the invite, but I don’t know how to play football,” the lion king said.

“That’s no problem, it’s so easy. You just put the ball on the ground, move back, and kick the ball with your front leg like I am doing now,” said the elephant as he kicked the football.
The powerful elephant kick sent the football to the sky. It took a few seconds for the football to land. The lion was inspired and joined the elephant to play football with the elephant.

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