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The Drone And The Tiger

What is this flying around me?

It was a fine afternoon in the valley of tigers. A big tiger was sleeping after a heavy lunch on a hunt he had that day. A drone appeared from nowhere, flew low, and began shooting the tiger from all possible angles with its video camera. 

The drone flew dangerously low to get the video close.

“What is this noise? It’s so annoying,” the tiger jumped up from its sleep. When he saw the drone flying low over its head, he hit the drone with its hand. The drone couldn’t defend itself against the unexpected attack by the tiger.

The drone was torn into pieces. The tiger examined the grounded drone closely. But didn’t find it any more interesting. So the tiger continued its sleep.

Story Discussion

Skyliner: Poor drone. It did not get another chance. This tiger is so aggressive!

Ivan Vanko: "Drone better."

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