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Who Let The Dog Out!

squirrel and the dog
Don't come down again!

The squirrel was collecting nuts scattered on the ground, the leftovers from the previous night’s party in the garden.

“Hey, stop there. You are not permitted to collect the nuts from here.” Out of nowhere, a dog came running and barking at the poor squirrel. The dog almost caught the squirrel. Somehow, the squirrel managed to escape the dog and reached the tree at the top of the tree.

“I did nothing wrong. I was collecting the leftovers, sir,” said the squirrel from the top of the tree. But the dog doesn’t seem to understand the squirrel.

The dog stood there looking at the squirrel. The squirrel wept over the lost nuts he collected. But he is still hoping to collect the nuts again after the dog go away.


2022-09-30 15:56:13


She, sho go away Mr. Dog. Let the squirrel come down and collect the nuts again.