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Fool Bear And The Dog

I won't let him in!

Um, the bear is here again. I am fed up with this bear. Nowadays the bear appears quite often. The purpose of his visit is to trespass into the house and steal food from the kitchen, and scare the children.

Ha, ha, the fool bear thinks he is a smart guy! But I am here watching everything he is doing. I won’t let him in. Nobody can cheat a dog, smart like me.

You might be wondering why I am telling you stories, instead of taking action against the bear. It’s because I am just obeying my father’s advice. My father told me that jumping to a fast conclusion can put one in a dangerous situation. 

I will wait for the right time to bark, and notify people about the bear’s presence, as I feel It’s not good to have a face-to-face meeting right now.  Let me follow the bear silently and see what he is up to!

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The bear is trapped.

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