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Old Raven And His Fading Memories

What a shame I am sitting here idle!

The raven bird was sitting on an eclectic pole, watching other birds flying in the sky. The bird was old and could fly only short distances.

He remembered how good he was flying around when he was young.  Nobody could beat him in flying competitions.

The tired Raven looked at the sky. Once upon a time, the whole sky belonged to him. The Raven could go anywhere he wanted to go. But now, everything has changed. Old age made the bird sick and his body stiff.

“Hey, bro, what are you thinking?” It was his friend. That raven was also old as his friend.

“Oh, I was thinking about the time we freely flew around in the sky,” said the Raven.

“Be positive bro!  Actually I was searching for you. I want you to come with me to a place I’ve found, where we can eat a lot of things,” his friend said. Both Ravens flew to the nearby waste disposal yard. They enjoyed a great meal on the party leftovers from last night’s party. The sad raven was happy again.

Story Discussion

Rex: Poor raven. Once he ruled the sky, now grounded, forced by his age. I am sympethetic!

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