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An Adventure I Hate To Remember

It was the moment of truth!

I love being a squirrel. Look at me! You must have seen me near your neighborhood. I am always busy and happy, jumping from one tree to another without touching the ground. Sometimes I fly short distances in the air. I live with my friends. 

One day I was collecting some nuts in the ground. Suddenly a cat appeared from nowhere. I had to escape fast. So I got into a car that was parked in the garage. I found a good hiding place inside the bonnet to wait until the cat was gone. I thought I was safe inside the car. But that confidence lasted only for a few minutes.

After some time, the engine started, and the car began to move. I was trapped inside. I couldn’t come out of the car, and it was getting hotter inside the bonnet from the heat produced by the engine. I cursed myself for choosing that car as my hiding place. I started screaming for help, but my voice went nowhere due to the engine sound. I thought it was the end of my life, and I began to pray to God for help.e

Then the car stopped near a shop. I made use of that opportunity to get out. Luckily, the car didn’t go far. I reached my place. From the top of the tree, I could see the silly cat was still roaming around, looking for me. I will not forget that adventurous trip I had that day. Thank God. Now I am being careful to avoid the cat.

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