The Cunning Fox And The Strong Rabbit


Fox hiding for the rabbit cartoon
Wow, this rabbit is so big!
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The cunning fox was hiding behind the bush in the hope that some rabbits will come on his way. He was a lazy fellow, don’t want to run after his prey, but wanted to take advantage of hiding in a bush. He waited and waited, and finally, a rabbit was coming.

The fox saw the rabbit was really big. Ah, this is a good one, there would be a lot to eat, the fat rabbit is just for me! I should not spare this fantastic opportunity, he thought. He waited patiently for the right moment to grab the rabbit. When the rabbit reached the place the fox was hiding, the fox jumped upon the rabbit, but the rabbit was very strong, and the rabbit started to fight with the fox, which was quite an unexpected turn of event.

The fox couldn’t withstand the unexpected fight. He couldn’t understand what is happening. To his utter surprise and disappointment, he found that the rabbit he jumped upon was another fox who was wearing a rabbit skin to fool the rabbits to hunt them.  Both the foxes started fighting, and finally died on their injuries caused by each other.

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