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The Cunning Fox And The Strong Rabbit

Fox hiding for the rabbit cartoon
Wow, this rabbit is so big!

The cunning fox was hiding behind a bush in the hope that some rabbits will come on his way. He was a lazy fellow, don’t want to run after his prey, but wanted to take advantage of hiding in a bush. He waited and waited, and finally, a rabbit was coming.

The fox saw the rabbit was a really big one. “Ah, this is a good one, a lot to eat, the fat rabbit is just fine for me! I should not spare this fantastic opportunity,” he thought. He waited patiently for the right moment to catch the rabbit. The rabbit was near the fox, the fox jumped upon it, but the rabbit started to fight with the fox, that was unexpected.

What Is Happening With This Fat Rabbit

The fox couldn’t withstand the unexpected fight. He couldn’t understand what is happening got injured during the fight. Only when he found out that the rabbit he was fighting with was actually a fox wearing a rabbit skin, going to hunt rabbits.  After the fierce fight, both foxes suffered serious injuries and died.