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The Big Bull Elephant

Oops, What's The Hell Is Going On With Me!

The big bull elephant was strong and thrashed everything in its way. The elephant believed that there was nobody stronger than him.

“I don’t need anybody’s help. Nobody will be dared enough to stand against me,” the elephant boasted to other animals.

But one day, the bull elephant realized that there were things that he also needed help with others.

One day, the big bull elephant saw a tree and decided to uproot it. The birds who lived on the tree flew away, abandoning their nest when they saw the elephant coming towards their tree.

As the elephant walked towards the tree, it noticed something weird was happening to him. The elephant couldn’t move further. The elephant felt like he was being dragged by somebody from behind.

“Oh, I am drowning,” the elephant was standing on marshy land.

“Please help me. I am drowning,” the elephant cried loudly.

All the animals in the forest gathered around the drowning elephant.

“Somebody, please help me. I thought nobody was stronger than me. But now I can’t help myself,” he cried.

The animals who gathered around the drowning elephant made a plan. As per the plan, the monkey threw a rope toward the elephant. The monkey asked the elephant to catch the rope.

After several attempts, the elephant got to hold on to the rope with its trunk tight.

“Let’s pull with all our strength,” the monkey said. All the animals started to pull the rope. The elephant slowly came out of the marsh.

He was happy to get out of the marsh. The elephant heaved a sigh of relief.

“I am grateful to all those who have helped me to come out of the marsh. Now I realize that all need help from others during their difficult times, no matter how strong one is! Nobody is an exception, even me! I promise that in the future, I will help anybody who needs help,” the elephant said. All animals clapped for the elephant’s thanksgiving speech.

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