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The Way To The Zoo

The village is like a heaven.

“Where were you, Mr. Fox. It’s a few days since our last meeting,” said the tiger.

“I was on a short visit to the nearby village. You won’t believe me, Mr. Tiger. A village is a great place, better than our forest. There is plenty of things to eat in the village,” said the fox.

“Is that so? Then we must explore the village. I’ve never been to a village. Will you take me there?” asked the tiger.

“Why not? I will take you there,” promised the fox.

The next day, the tiger and the fox started to the village. After walking for a while, they arrived near the village border.

“Hey, look at that, a goat! I think today is a lucky day for you, an easy catch,” said the fox showing the tiger a goat tied to a tree.

“Go and get it. That goat is waiting for you. We will have plenty to eat,” said the fox.

“Are you not coming with me?” asked the tiger.

“No, I will stay here. You are good at hunting, and I am not. So you can go and easily get the goat,” said the fox.

The tiger slowly moved towards the goat without making any sound. Suddenly, something fell upon him. It was a big cage.

“Oh, I am trapped,” the tiger realized. Seeing the tiger trapped, the fox ran away.

The goat was a trap by the villagers. They arranged that trap for wild predators. When a tiger or any other animal comes near the goat, the cage will fall from the top of the tree, which worked perfectly trapping the tiger!

“Mr. Fox, please help me,” the tiger cried. But the fox had already made it to the forest.

The villagers were happy to see the trapped tiger. Actually, the trap was for another tiger, who was stealing their domestic animals.  Unlucky, this tiger got trapped.

Later that day, the tiger was transported to the zoo. Rest of his life, he lived in the zoo, cursing himself for listening to the fox.

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