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Thanks For Finding Me Out!

I Am Missing Something

The little cat was very bored. There was nothing he could find interesting. He is the pet of the house, but he feels he is not enough pampered by the family. So he wanted some adventure and left his home searching for new pastures.

On the way, he met a dog, and the dog started following the cat wherever he goes. It became a nuisance for the cat, and the cat asked the dog to mind his own business, instead of following him. “That’s what I am doing,” he said. “What is your business then, tell me,” the cat got angry. “You see, I am a detective dog, I got a cat missing notification from your home, and I find that you are that missing cat,” the dog said.

“No, I don’t want to go to that old place again, I am not getting enough pampering there,” the cat said. The dog laughed at her. “No, my dear, everybody at home loves you and wants you to come back. They are crying for you. That is why I was hired to trace you out,” he said.

Both the dog and the cat went to the cat’s house. The family was eagerly waiting for the cat, became happy. Cat also was very happy, because now he knows he is a real pet. He thanked the dog for bringing him back home.

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