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Story Of A Fox Who Wanted To Swim

Teach me to swim

Once upon a time, a fox was sitting by the riverside when he saw a duck swimming gracefully in the water.

“Wow, look at how easily he swims,” thought the fox. “If I could swim like that, I’d be a better hunter. I could catch those ducks swimming in the river.”

So, the fox called out to the duck, “Hey, can you teach me how to swim?”

The duck, who knew the fox’s bad intentions. If I teach this fox how to swim, he will kill all the ducks swimming around. I should not allow that,” thought the duck. So the duck replied, “Yes, of course, I can teach you how to swim.”

The duck then said aloud, “Just jump into the river and move your hands and legs forward and backward. You’ll learn to swim like that.”

Without a second thought, the fox jumped into the river. But as soon as he did, he sank to the bottom. The strong undercurrent caught the fox and carried him away.

After that day, no one ever saw the villainous fox again.

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