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Who Will Help The Fallen Bird?

Here you go!

Helping a fallen bird can be a delicate task. Here is a story of a giraffe who helped a fallen bird to reunite with its mother.

Once upon a time, a baby bird fell from its nest high up in a tree. The mother bird, flapping her wings anxiously, cried out for help. She was so worried about her little one lying on the ground.

Just then, a gentle giraffe happened to walk by. Seeing the distressed mother bird, the giraffe asked, “Why are you crying, dear mother bird?”

The mother bird pointed with her beak and said, “Look down! My baby has fallen from the tree, and I can’t reach her.”

The giraffe peered down and saw the tiny baby bird on the ground. “Don’t worry,” said the giraffe kindly. “I will help you.”

With great care, the giraffe bent his long neck down and gently lifted the baby bird onto his head. Slowly and steadily, he raised his head back up to the nest.

“There you go,” said the giraffe as he placed the baby bird safely back in the nest.

The mother bird was overjoyed. “Thank you so much! I have no words to express how grateful I am,” she chirped happily.

The giraffe smiled and said, “No worries at all. I’m just happy I could help someone today.”

With that, the giraffe walked away, feeling good about the kind deed he had done. And the mother bird snuggled her baby close, thankful for the kind-hearted giraffe.

And so, they all lived happily ever after.

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