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Andrea And The Little Duck

Don't Worry Baby, I Will Make A Fence

Andrea had a beautiful little duck at her home. Her dad dug a little pond for the little duck so that she can feel at home in the pond. The duck was a small one who sings a lot of quack, quack. One day Andrea heard unusual quacks from the pond. When she ran to the duck, she saw a big cat was trying to make rounds on the pond to catch it. Andrea didn’t know from where the cat came.

Andrea became angry at the cat and asked him to get out of her house immediately. The cat ran away. “I am sure that the cat will come back again, what to do now?” she thought. “Ok, a little fence over the pond is the answer,” she said to the duck. She made a little fence around the pond. But still, she thought it is not sufficient to protect the duck from the cat. So she asked her friend Mr. Barky, a brave dog in her house to keep an eye on the duck. Barky nodded his head in agreement.

After some time, there he is, the old cat came back for his duck hunt. Barky was watching but kept silent. The moment the cat was inside the fence, barky ran to the cat. The cat had no place to escape but to jump into the pond. Barky stood there waiting for the cat to come back. “Hello sir, I will not come here anymore, please let me out of this pond,” the cat pleaded. “Ok, if you ever come back here, I will give you a hard time,” barky said. The cat promised that he will not come back again, and ran away. The duck was happy.

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