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For The Argument's Sake

bear and the hippo cartoon
According to me.....!

The bear loved to argue on any subject to prove he was right.  One day,  while the bear was out picnicking with his friends, he saw a hippo in the water.

“The hippo stays in water to keep himself cool because his body is always hot,” one of the bear’s friends shared his knowledge about the hippo, but our bear couldn’t take it.

“No, the hippo is just taking a bath. No animal will spend most of its time in the water. If he stays more time in the water, he will get flu,” argued the bear. But other bears couldn’t take it.

“There was a stiff argument between the bear and his friends. Ok, let’s go and ask the hippo straight,” they decided.

The bear himself went to the hippo and asked the bear why he is always in the water.

“Many animals ask me this question. I will tell you why I am always found in the water. Because when I am in the water, my big body is cooled down. I feel so comfortable submerged in water. If there is no water, I may not live long,” said the hippo.

The bear couldn’t take that answer, but he had to admit he was wrong. The bear had no argument left.

The thing bear argued was wrong, but the bear wanted to prove he was right. But what happened later? The arguing bear got ashamed before his friends.

If you know you are arguing for a wrong cause, stop arguing. It will save you from future embarrassment.

Speak nothing for an argument’s sake!


2022-09-28 10:38:10

Happy Duck

Argument makes your face ugly. Stop arguing, keep smiling!