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Sometimes It Is Good To Stop Being Curious

This duck and the frog are curious friends. The duo is always seen together, going places and searching for new things to see and learn in nature.

One day, both the friends were sailing on the river. The frog was sitting on the duck. They were exploring nature with curiosity.

“Hey, something is shining there. Let’s go and find out what it is,” said the frog.

The duck swam in that direction the frog pointed.

“Yes, I can see that something is shining, but I think it is…,” the duck couldn’t complete what he was saying.

But then, all of a sudden, the duck swam back. The frog lost its balance and almost fell, but he managed with that sudden jerk. The frog didn’t see the snake, so he was angry with the duck for its immediate turnaround.

“Hey, Duck, why did you do that? I would have fallen in the water,” the frog was a bit annoyed with the duck.

“I am sorry, dear. But if you learn what I saw there, you will be shocked. It was a snake you saw shining over there. If we had stayed there a little more time, the snake swallowed us. The snake was preparing to attack us,” said the duck.

“Thank you, dear friend. You saved me from going into the snake. Curiosity is good, but we should alert too!” said the frog.