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Smart Deer Who Outwitted Hungry Lion

My Lunch Would Be A Nice Deer!

It was a pleasant afternoon. A deer was grazing the meadows chewing the grass. However, it was going to be an unpleasant afternoon soon! A hungry lion was staring the deer from behind a big tree. The lion was waiting for the right opportunity to catch her. The deer, unaware of the lion’s presence, was enjoying the tasty grass.

Hearing a strange noise, the deer looked back. She was fear-stricken seeing the lion, but the lion didn’t notice that she saw him. “What to do now? If I run, he will definitely catch me, he is so powerful than me,” the deer thought. She pretended that she has never seen the lion, and continued doing what she was doing. All that time, she was actively thinking about the escape routes before her.

The deer remembered that soon there would be an elephant herd will pass through that way for drinking water from the nearby lake. “If I could fool the lion for a little while, I think I can escape by walking along with the elephant herd. Because no lion would ever try to provoke an elephant herd,” she thought. So she walked here and there, pretending that she was searching for something missing. The lion got curious about her strange behavior, wondered what she was doing. Meantime, she heard the sound of the elephant herd. She just made use of that opportunity and calmly walked away with the elephant herd, fooling the lion and escaped from becoming the lion’s lunch.

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