Two Circus Elephants

two elephants in a circus
Come Let's Steal The Show!

Working in a circus, we had a very bad day this day last year. It was night, after a great show, we were resting inside the circus tent. Suddenly we heard people screaming fire, and look, the circus tent was on fire. We had a narrow escape by the fire tenders. We still remember that horrible day.

Every day, we will have at least three shows before a richly packed audience. We really miss the real life of an elephant roaming free in the jungle. Circus elephants are cool, but circus indeed is a hard life for them.

After today’s show, we will depart to another part of the country by train. It would be a long journey that ends in a new place where the circus will set up their tent. One day, we’ll retire from the circus and hope to live a real elephant’s life. Until that time, we are busy doing our job to entertain people who come to watch the circus.



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