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The New Home, Happy Home

You are most welcome!

I think this is a good tree, big and strong. Finally, I got a tree that I can call my home!

A squirrel was looking for a home for himself. After wandering so many places, he located a big tree. But there was nobody near to ask about the tree. He wanted to find out if the tree was already occupied or not. There was one cute little bird on the tree. She stayed back in the tree to hatch her eggs.

“Hi bird, will you mind me staying on this tree?” asked the squirrel and who the other occupants were.

“Why not? You can start living on this tree right away. Welcome aboard,” said the bird.

The squirrel climbed the tree and found a branch to settle down.

In the evening, other birds and small animals living in that tree came. They saw the newcomer squirrel and were very happy to welcome him. They had a big party that night to welcome their new guest.

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Happy Bird

Welcome home bro

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