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Two Parrots

Please don't go today

Two parrots were living in a tree. A male and female bird. One day, the male bird was preparing to go out. The female bird had to stay back to hatch her eggs. Both birds were in excitement about their eggs.

“Please don’t go out today. It will rain.” said the female parrot.

“No, dear. I have to go out to find food for both of us,” said the male parrot.

The male parrot flew away. Flying for some time, it found a paddy field. After the harvest, the paddy field had a lot of food grains. The parrot collected food grains scattered on the ground. He was about to fly back but found himself trapped in a net.

The bird was trapped in a hunter’s net. He cried for help. Suddenly a rat appeared. He said he’ll help the bird.

“Please stop crying. If you cry, the hunter will take you.” said the rat.

The rat patiently worked with his strong teeth and cut the net in a few minutes. The bird was free to go.

“Mr. Rat, thank you very much for your kind help. I will remember you for my life,” said the bird and flew to his family. 

Back home, the male bird told everything that happened that day.

After a few days, three parrot babies came out of their eggs. The parrots invited the rat who had helped them to their home. The rat came to see the babies with a lot of food grains.

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