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Sleepy Bird After The Late Night Party

Um, she is sleepy!

After the late-night party, the bird was so tired, feeling sleepy. The cat saw the bird and wanted to catch it. But the bird didn’t know the cat was very near.  The cat climbed the tree cautiously, not to wake the sleeping bird up.

Actually, the bird was dreaming. In its dream, the bird was sitting on a tree branch. Suddenly, a strong wind blew. The wind was so strong that the bird feared that strong wind uproots the tree. So the bird flapped its wings and flew up. The cat couldn’t catch the bird, a near miss.

The bird flew and landed on another tree. When the bird opened its eyes, it saw a cat falling from the tree. The cat lost its balance because the bird flew unexpectedly. But nothing happened to the cat. You know a cat falls perfectly and lands on four legs.

Story Discussion

Rebeca: Um, the dream foiled the cat plan.

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