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Sharing A Big Little Secret

You are in danger!

The bird shared a secret, which annoyed the tiger.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, you are still there? Didn’t they invite you to the party?” asked the bird.

“What party? I didn’t get any invitation,” said the tiger.

“Oh, it’s sad you didn’t get an invitation. Maybe your friends don’t want you to attend the party,” said the bird to provoke the tiger.

“I don’t know why my friends didn’t invite me to the party. But anyway, I am not in the mood for any partying. I have an urgent matter to attend to,” said the tiger.

“What are your urgent matters?” asked the bird.

“See that river. It is overflowing. Soon this forest will be flooded. So I sought refuge on higher ground to save myself from the flood,” said the tiger.

The bird saw the river. The river flowing from the mountain was beginning to flood.

“Keep everybody on high alert. Ask everybody to move to higher grounds to save themselves,” said the tiger.

The bird flew to declare the bad news to all the animals in the party and urged them to find a safe location. All animals, including the tiger’s friends, escaped to higher grounds and saved themselves.

The tiger became a hero for his alertness and initiative in informing everybody about the flood.

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