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Seagull, The Sailor

I will show you around the world

The seagull roamed around the ship that was anchored in the port. After making sure everything was clear, the bird landed on its deck. “Wow, this ship is a big one,” the seagull exclaimed.

The seagull has seen many ships, some are small, and some are large. The bird always wondered where these ships go and where they come from.

Hey, Mr. Seagull, are you coming with me? I will take you around the world. After a few months, I will return to this port. The ship invited the seagull to accompany it on its onward journey.

“I will take you for a grand trip around the world,” said the ship.

It was an invitation the seagull simply couldn’t resist.

The ship began to move away from the port. The seagull sat on the deck and watched the port that was getting smaller and smaller.

The ship took the seagull to different places. When the ship reaches a port, the seagull flies around the nearby city. It comes back before the ship leaves that port.

After a few months, they reached the home port where the seagull started its sailing.  The seagull thanked the ship for the great adventure trip and flew away to his friends to tell his stories.

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