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Monkey And The Bear

Help me with my honeyhunting!

The Tireless Job Hunter

Piku, the monkey, was searching for an exciting job. But everywhere Mr. Piku went for a job, he was rejected without any particular reason. But Piku continued his job search tirelessly.

Piku couldn’t believe his eyes when he received a job offer letter from Bear & Co.

“Piku, you are great. You finally, he landed in a great job,” piku said to himself.

Piku got the job as a honey hunting assistant in Bear & Co.

“It’s an easy job for a smart monkey like you. Your duty is to climb a tree, grab the honeycomb, and come down,” said Piku’s boss, Mr. Bear.

Without thinking twice, Piku readily accepted the offer. The happy monkey told every other monkey that he got a job and felt like he was in the top of the world. Other monkeys got envious of Piku.

First Day In The Job

It was his first day in his job. His boss, the big bear, and Piku were walking through the forest, searching for a honeycomb tree.

“There you are, see that big honeycomb hanging from that tree. Go and get it!” asked the bear.

With great enthusiasm, Piku climbed the tree. The monkey thought it was an easy job and wanted to impress the boss. When Piku reached the top of the tree, he grabbed the honeycomb.

But something unexpected happened. The honey bees inside the honeycomb got alert and came out of it. When they saw a monkey trying to steal their home, they started attacking Piku.

Piku couldn’t resist the unexpected attack by the bees and immediately came down from the tree. The bees were after Piku.

“I can’t do this job anymore. Here I resign,” Piku shouted at the bear and ran to the nearby river to hide from the angry bees.

“The bear laughed at Piku. “This happens with every monkey we hire. If you resign, we’ll hire another monkey. There are plenty of monkeys in the forest. Anyway, I got the honeycomb without having to face the bees,” said the bear.

The bear took the honeycomb, which fell from the tree, and walked to his office.

The monkey ran towards the river and jumped into it to save himself from the angry bees.

I will never accept a job offer without exactly knowing the dangers of the job, the money decided.

Story Discussion

Lora: Monkey learnt a big lesson. He will think twice before landing in another job.

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