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Trapped In Wildfire

I am trapped. How'll I escape?

It was a great summer afternoon. The tiger had a great hunt that day.
After the heavy lunch, the tiger had on its hunt, he was sleeping, dreaming about his future family.

The tiger woke up from the sleep, hearing something like a cracking sound below the cliff. The tiger saw a horrific scene down below the cliff.  A wildfire was fast spreading around him. His heart began to beat like anything.

“Oh, I must get out of here as fast or this wildfire will swallow me,” the tiger thought and ran fast. But the wildfire was dancing around the tiger, had no mercy on the trapped tiger. The poor animal couldn’t find an exit from the circle of the wildfire, and decided it was the end of his life.

“Oh, all my dreams will be a handful of ashes in the wildfire. Only God can help me out,” thought the tiger.  So tiger began to pray to God for help. When he finished his prayer, he looked at the sky.

He saw a few clouds in the sky, and there were more clouds in the sky, and then it began to rain. It was heavy rain that put an end to the wildfire in a matter of few minutes. The tiger heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God for helping him out from dying a painful death in the fire.

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