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Rooster On The Rooftop

Oops, the fox is still here!

“I am the bravest rooster in the world. I am ready to face it any challenge!” the rooster bragged. Impressed at his words, other roosters chose him as their king.

The king rooster enjoyed his reign as ruler while the hens competed to offer him their best pick of worms. He gulped the worms one by one.

A Reality Test

It was a calm night. The hens and roosters were resting after a hectic day. Suddenly, they heard a sound. It was a fox from the forest.

“Hey, everybody, run for your life,” said the rooster as he vanished. The hens and roosters rushed to their home. But only their king was missing. All thought that the king was fighting with the fox.

By that time, the master woke up from sleep and came out of home. When the fox saw the master, a well-built man, it vanished into the forest.

The next day morning, everybody came out of their home and looked for their king. One of the young roosters spotted their king on the rooftop. But the king was not ready to come down, as he thought the fox was still there.

All the other roosters mocked him. He eventually came down, not as a king, but as an ordinary rooster. He stopped boasting.

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